Go Flow - Steps to Stimulation


1) connect battery and electrodes 

2) set current - ORANGE lights, press to confirm 

3) set duration - GREEN lights, press to confirm 

4) session will start - use rocker to increase, decrease or stop current during session.

Step 1. Connect focus Go Flow to fully charged 9v Battery

Step 2. Connect electrodes or Made for headset

Step 3. Using Orange lights and Orange labels as guidance, set current from 0.5mA to 2mA using up or down on the rocker switch

Step 4. Press to set the current value.

Step 5. Using Green lights and Green labels as guidance, set the duration from 5 minutess to 35 minutes using up or down on the rocker switch.

Step 6. Press to set the duration value. Stimulation will now begin with slow ramp up.

Gauge lights will alternate between Orange and Green to show you actual current and remaining duration.

You can increase or decrease current at any time during stimulation using the rocker switch. CAUTION. Make slow changes to avoid discomfort.

Step 7. You can press the button at any time to end the stimulation with ramp down.

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